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Hola, I'm Juan, a human like you. 

I am a Product and Service Designer.

Currently, designing new core features for Proconnect Tax Online, by Intuit.
Previously,  worked on building a vision of the "store of the future" at Ahold Delhaize USA


About Me
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I started my career in business and got most of my experience in the automotive industry. When I discovered human-centered design, my purpose evolved from putting more cars on the roads to creating services that would be beneficial for more layers of society and the environment.

I’m most proud of my determination to learn and excel in new professional fields. During my experience at SCAD, I won 2 design competitions, I was awarded an academic scholarship, and was elected president of the SCAD Service Design club. 

I'm driven by inclusivity, joy, and curiosity. I enjoy being a design strategist and systems thinker.

When I'm not designing, I'm discussing new business ideas with my friends and practicing my favorite sports: soccer, tennis, and road cycling.

Through previous managerial jobs and my experience at SCAD, I have honed a skill set that includes leadership, business, systems thinking, and creativity.

Explorer · Thinker · Doer · Snacker

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I'm currently looking for new opportunities.

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