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Bye-bye unnecessary appointments –

BITA enhances your preventive dental habits, so that you only go to the doctor when you really need to.



No-shows to health-related appointments represent more than $150 billion of annual losses for the healthcare system. We found that patients who have a weak relationship with their provider and a poor perception of their healthcare experience are very likely to miss their appointments.

Bita is a service that educates, motivates, and improves relationships between patients, dentists, and insurance carriers. 


Service & UX Design





Ashley Montalvo

Kathleen Black

Noel Gonzalez

Rutuja Patil

Service Designer

UX Researcher

UX Design

Concept Strategy


Through a series of 18 interviews, 56 surveys and 1 cultural probe with patients, clinical staff and dentists, we were able to empathize, understand their feelings, needs, motivations, and frustrations throughout their experiences. The quotes below reveal a disconnection between the patients, the dentists and the insurance providers. Patients and doctors have discontinuous communication, which undermines patient's trust and motivation and generates anxiety toward dental appointments. Similarly, patients wish they had a better understanding of the procedures and costs that are covered by their insurance, that would prevent them from unexpected costs at the end of the process.

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Opportunity areas

Patients who have a poor relationship with their providers and have a negative perception of healthcare experience are very likely to miss their appointments.

Our research revealed four main areas of opportunities for improving user’s willingness to attend their dental care appointments.


Our Idea​

Though group ideation, we came up with three major concepts: "Doctors Bluebook ", "Experience Customizer" and "Bita". We chose Bita as our final concept, since it would enable us to educate, motivate and connect our main actors.

Bita is a service that enhances relationships among patients, dentists and insurance providers 

by tracking, reinforcing and recommending new habits from dentists and carriers to patients.

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How does it work​?

Though its new device, Bita is able to track bacteria information and share it with patients, practitioners and insurance providers. Patients and dentists will be aware of their dental status and will have space for exchanging advice and reinforcements

Bita's Interface

Bita's interface keeps patients and dentists aware of the former's dental status. It also offers a space for exchanging advice and reinforcements.


Oral Condition


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Appointment Management



Users who manage to keep up with their healthy habits will be able to receive incentives from their insurance providers.

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UX Process Overview

I conducted three card sorting sessions with a list of services, information and activities to perform.  This exercise helped me better understand the most relevant functions and information for the user.

Then, I then did two iterations of the Sitemap. The final iteration featured a home-screen that enabled quick access to the most important functions for the users, such as their evolution, their reward status and the upcoming appointments.

I increased the fidelity of my designs as I gathered feedback for each of my prototypes. Users felt that the final iteration offered friendlier navigation, easier access to information and a seamless and clean interface.

Service Prototyping

We designed two prototypes to test different aspects of our concept. In the first prototype, we took the users through all the touchpoints of the Bita experience, including the usage of the device and the moment of the appointment. On the second prototype, we evaluated specific aspects of the mobile interface.