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SCAD StartUp is one of the most prestigious competitions held by SCAD. 


In just 1 week, we came up with a great concept, a solid business model and a great story telling. At the end, we pitched our Startup Idea to industry leaders and potential investors. 

Our team got the 1st place out of 40 teams.


Design Strategist



Concept Development






Ariana Vallenilla

Ari Susweinn

Emily Ip

Natalie Su

People, especially the deaf and the hard of hearing,

often struggle to catch

announcements in public places

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We want to empower them to be more 

independent in facing these real-time challenges

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Real-time Notifications



How does it work?​

Through Frequency-based speech recognition and AI-Machine learning, we will train Notice-Me to distinguish between real voices and voices played through a speaker.

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User Cases​

When you are waiting for a train...

User Cases​

When you are in a Baseball game

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User Cases​

When travelling internationally


A scalable solution

Our initial target will be the deaf and hard-of-hearing populations. However, our product can easily fit in other audiences, such as non-native speakers, the elderly or people who usually wears noise-canceling earphones.

Furthermore, we envisage a potential expansion through partnerships with festivals, sports teams, airlines other institutions that use public announcements as a relevant means of communication. 

Our Blue Ocean

We analyzed the different assistive technologies and apps, that our audience uses for similar purposes. We found that all of them are focused on enabling face to face conversations, while none is in the public announcement space. Moreover, the fact that our platform is 100% downloadable and non-wifi dependent allows users to take it to any location involving public announcement. Unlike other technologies that are restricted to specific locations.

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So how are we making money?

We will start offering a monthly subscription service for $1,99. After the second year, we plan to expand through partnerships with stadiums, transit systems, and similar institutions. For the third year, we expect insurance providers to offer our products for their patients since it is a useful anxiety suppressor. After five years we expect to start our global expansion, which will increase our target market from 11MM to 250MM people. At the end of 5 years of operation we expect to have more than 1MM subscribers and generate an income of $28MM dollars.

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