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Coming to the U.S. in search of your dream career can be really exciting, but it can be tougher than expected. Specially if you come as a student.


New responsibilities, communication barriers and complex accessibility to services make your dreams quite challenging.

Ripple is here to provide trustable and quick support from students to other students




10 Weeks

Project Type

Design Innovation


My Role


Market Analysis

Concept Development




Team Members



We started our process by mapping the industries and topics of our interests.


These topics were a result of trends research we conducted online. The selected ones are highlighted in pink.


Market Analysis


For the three selected industries, we identified their market opportunities using tools such as 2x2 matrix, SWOT, Porter’s 5 forces, stakeholder maps. Our final decision was based on identified opportunities, competition, reachable sources of information, and personal affinity.



Our Topic

Our selected topic was 'Acculturation for Immigrants', we chose it since our revealed that it has low competition, low entry barriers and high market opportunity.

The problem statement and opportunities are the following:

Research Analysis

With our project brief in place, we moved on and conducted multiple in-depth interviews and surveys. Next, we affinitized our findings and built empathy maps, personas, user journeys. This helped us to clearly identify the user's pains and define our design criteria

Business Strategy

Based on our key insights we developed a business plan for a product/service that would fulfill the core user needs. To define a strategy for our business, we used tools such as Value Proposition Map, Business Model Canvas, ZAG 17 Questions, SWOT Analysis, and ABCQ approach.

Concept Development

Through Group Ideation sessions we came up with Ripple – A social platform that connects students with instant and validated advice from their school or their own peers –.