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The Ideal

Experience of Sharing

This magazine is the result of our first exposure to Contextual Research methods, such as observations, In-depth Interviews and Cultural Probes.

We used this opportunity to explore what's underneath the idea of sharing, and what new opportunities can we find to foster genuine ways of sharing and go beyond the sharing economy.






In-Depth Interviews

Sensory Cue Panels

Cultural Probe

Research Analysis




Human-Centered Research


Akshay Kumbhar

Ivonne Zuniga

Natalia Uribe

Huabing Yu

Maitreyee Muley

Data Collection 


Process Book-ilovepdf-compressed_Page_24
Process Book-ilovepdf-compressed_Page_24
Process Book-ilovepdf-compressed_Page_24

Insights and Framework

The concept of sharing is as diverse and complex as humanity. It evokes positive emotions like warmth and joy, and good values, such as equality, caring and openness. It is connected to diverse situations, such as special celebrations, traveling, or inviting people to our house. In the experience of sharing, the main actors are our family members, followed by friends, colleagues, pets and strangers.

The act of sharing elicits neutral and even negative feelings, and it is considered crucial to set boundaries when sharing. For instance, many participants would not share goods that are very valuable or very personal.

Finally, current world dynamics set high barriers for sharing; particularly the fact that we live in a more competitive environment where technology distracts is hindering us from physically interacting

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Story Telling

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